On Our New Correction Engine...Beta-Testers Requested!

One of Peaceful Science’s values is transparency. Thanks to the hard work of several people (@Jordan, @cwhenderson, and @sfmatheson ), we established an error correction policy early this year:

This policy commits us to transparently correcting our mistakes on the blog. In the discussion about this (Request for Comment: Publication Ethics for Peaceful Science), one possibility came up:

We’ve also discussed elsewhere how to track revisions and solicit corrections from readers.

I’m pleased to report we now have a GitHub-powered solution for all articles on our website. At the bottom of each article, you will see two new buttons: “Suggest Changes” and “Revision History.”

Clicking the “Suggest Changes” will take you to a website where you can edit a branched article and request that it be pulled back into the published website. This does not require much technical know how, just a web-browser and a free GitHub account.

Clicking “Revision History” will take you to GitHub too, where you can see the complete revision history of the document. For an example of this, look at the revisions to A Pentecostal at The Smithsonian.

Would you help us test these features? Poke around the website, suggest some corrections, and let us know how difficult it was for you. If you just want to submit “test” corrections that aren’t really meant to be taken just add “TEST” to the branch you create. We will close those branches without merging them.


I’m getting 404 errors with the Suggest and Revisions links.

Which ones?

E.g. this should work, right?


I see. The repo was not public yet. It is now.

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Yes, that did it. :slight_smile:

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