How will you manage mistakes in your book?

As for me, I aim to quickly correct my own mistakes as publicly as I make them. This is one of the demands of science, and what I expect of others.

  1. Welcoming correction. In place of an adversarial approach to identifying errors, we invite anyone and everyone to help us identify and submit errors or mistakes they find in the book. Please use the form we created for this purpose. I am very grateful for your help.

  2. Public and rapid errata . We will correct errors quickly and publicly, noting them in an errata document that is freely available and visible to everyone.

  3. Corrections to the print edition. These errata are submitted to my publisher, who will correct them in future printings of the book as they deem feasible.

  4. Oversight by others. Every error report submitted online is visible to several scientists other than me. We have a large network of scholars I will engage with as needed when questions are beyond our expertise.

  5. Transparency. Where scientific debate is substantial, we will conduct these debates in public on our forum, where any scientist will be invited to join in and the public can watch.

  6. Public explanation where needed. Particularly significant errors, those that cause severe misunderstanding in public, will be addressed as prominently as possible, for example, with a blog post explaining my error in detail.

  7. Acknowledgement and gratefulness . Those that point out errors will be acknowledge by name in the errata document. I am particularly grateful to those that identify any serious errors, and will acknowledge them specifically for the serious errors they identify.


Thanks for setting a good personal example for all of us. Congrats again on your book.