Oxygen could have been available to life as early as 3.5 billion years ago

@Agauger As a biologist what do you think about this?

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@Patrick, that’s an incredibly short window of time to accomplish something as amazing as photosynthesis, let alone getting the first cell.


How many millions of years is “incredibly short”?

This this extant protein complex is beautiful. Thank you for posting it. How much simpler do you think the first photosynthetic proteins were compared to this extant complex?


What is a short window of time for you? A billion years? Do you accept that Earth was formed 4.5 billion years ago? And these little critters were here since 3.5 billion years ago doing photosynthesis. So there is a billion years for life to appear here. Perhaps they hitched a ride on many asteroids. Just like GA, you can’t prove that the GA cell didn’t come from space junk. Of course only if the IDer God wanted to do it that way. :sunglasses:

Given that the Milky Way galaxy was over 9 billion years old when the Sun, Solar System and Planet formed, that is a lot of time for space junk to evolve and get spread across the area of the solar system. So if 1 billion years is not enough time how about 10 billion years?

You have to allow time for the earth to cool and the late heavy bombardment to take place. That means a very short time for life to evolve.

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Not really, take a look at this:


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