Peaceful Science: a Midpoint between YECs & Science?


I am quite sympathetic to BioLogos and it’s unique stance within a complex context.

But with the formal progress of… BioLogos is no longer the mid-point between science and creationists!

@swamidass is now the NEW midpoint!

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Maybe you could explore the ramifications of Peaceful Science being the NEW logical mipoint in the spectrum to engage the Creationists?

@Marty, you are an Old Earther. How much comfort do you find here at Peaceful Science?

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I think @swamidass and you would agree that there is no competition in the Body of Christ.

Yes, I agree. I’m not sure that @gbrooks9 is talking about competition. He is just describing differences. We have a lot on in common, and we also have differences. Understanding differences allows to embrace different roles, strengths, and weaknesses, so that we can all function alongside each other better. It seems that @gbrooks9 is just trying articulate some of these differences, and what it might mean.


Thanks. George, @gbrooks9, I apologize if I misunderstood.

Different denominations have different functions, and provide safe places for different discussions. Maybe that’s an analogy. Blessings. You always have good thoughts and points.

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As long as we treat it as an analogy.

BioLogos is an educational organization… and so is Peaceful Science!


I’m not sure “comfort” is a word I would use. I find biologos in general to be more antagonistic to views that are not within their existing orthodoxy, and sometimes a bit arrogant. I generally tend to agree with RTB, and I find their focus on gentleness and respect refreshing.

But I find @swamidass trying to understand as well as be understood, more rare than one would expect among scientists. In the human origins discussions, I like that he is trying to figure out what is compatible with all the data, including the Bible text.

And @gbrooks9 you’re here and you keep bringing things to my attention! And I think you’re also trying to figure it out and not just hawking an ideology, so I want to engage with you.

I don’t have tons of time, so I want to go where I can learn and the engagement is more thoughtful. IMO there’s a higher percentage of that here.


What has been uncomfortable?

No, not uncomfortable either. If I’m looking for comfort, I’d kick back in my recliner and not connect to an internet site!


I wouldn’t go that far. Biologos is not an educational organization.

No? Explain more…

I just don’t see how Biologos is an educational organization. Educating what to whom?

Evolutionary science to the Church…right?

In the same way as AiG is anti-evolutionary science to the Church?

I just don’t see Biologos as an educational organization. They are certainly not educational to evolutionary science. They just say evolutionary science fits with their theology and tell people to learn the latest in evolutionary science elsewhere. They don’t even discuss things like the neutral theory of evolution and the current forward edge of evolutionary science. Biologos doesn’t have any working scientists on their staff. Do you think that they are an educational organization? How? Educating what to whom?

For all my issues with him, Venema blog series were often quite educational. It is too bad how that ended.

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Venema is very educational and a good teacher. But, I thought that he isn’t with them any more?
When you have Eddie listing Beaglelady as somebody to take note of, well there isn’t much there there. :open_mouth:

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He is loved and on the forums there. They appear to be republishing his blog posts on a regular basis, but no new posts.

Given how things played out this last year it’s a shame. He is much less trusted, despite the quality of much of his work.

No kidding, the forum there has slowed down a ton. It seems we are steadily collecting the most reasonable and most informed people from all over.


Yea, I am waiting for Christy and Brad Kramer to make an appearance here :rofl:

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YEC is pseudoscience and Dr. Swamidass is on the forefront of evolutionary science so to call Peaceful Science a mid-point between psuedoscience and science is disingenuous and a gross mischaracterization of the real science discussed here.