Please, No More Groundhog Day

Continuing the discussion from @jongarvey's Shift on Genesis 1 and 2:

We cannot have every thread devolving into a revolving, never-ending debate about if Genesis 1 and 2 are sequential. Or if Adam was de novo created or not. Or anyone of another of repeated circles we find ourselves in.

New rule everyone.

If you are a regular here (e.g. @Revealed_Cosmology and @Guy_Coe and @gbrooks9) do not allow yourself to go on this tangent in other threads. If you must, revive the conversation on one of the many threads that already exist to has that out. Just accept there will be some intractable disagreement. That is okay. We agree on far too much to get caught up on one or two things of disagreement.

Now, if someone new raises the question, that is a different situation. However, do not turn to arguing your personal view. Instead, hear out what they are thinking first.

What do you think?

I think the thread splitting tool already available is just fine for handling that. No thread gets “hijacked” if we simply pull those comments off and carry on via a new thread with that subject picked out.