Possible Accidents in the Medical Center


I have the utmost respect for Doctors; however, mistakes do happen in medical centers. Around ten years ago, I had to go to receive a flu shoot at the city medical center. I was called into her office by the nurse. She prepared a hypodermic needle to make the injection; however, there was one problem. She did not put any vaccine in the hypodermic. We all know what would have happened had she injected me with the needle that was full of air. My heart would have stopped and would have been dead. Something or Someone told me to look at the needle. I took it from her and told her that it was empty. She apologized, and I made her fill another needle and made her let a little vaccine out. To this day, I believe the Triune God was watching over me.

God’s blessings to all of you, and May He bless even those that do not believe.


When I was a student, I went to watch a nephrectomy - removal of diseased kidney removal to non-medics - and noticed they’d put the unconscious guy on the table with the wrong side facing up. There were blushes when I mentioned it (which of course I only did because I’d been keen enough to look at the notes).

Probably the surgeon would have twigged before he wielded his scalpel, but if not … living with no kidneys is problematic!


Good work, Jon. Tell your family hello.


He is gone now but the hospitals over here would have killed my step-father many times over if my mother had not been watching them like a hawk. They work people to exhaustion and then wonder why they make dumb mistakes.


You are exactly right. I believe our medical system in the US needs a total work over. Doctors and nurses work hard and are only human.


I disagree, the medical system in my area of New Jersey/New York is first rate - best care and most up to date technology. I would rather have a medical problem in 2018 than in any time in history and glad to live in a place where access to many of the most renowned doctors and medical centers is easily found on my iPhone X.


I didn’t think flu shots were made into major veins or arteries.


That’s right. It might have been an error, but would not likely have killed you.

Physicians do the best they can, and do make mistakes too. I’m generally going to avoid commenting on specific incidents based on hearsay. Medical care is very complex, and it is not possible to assess from a distance if a mistake was actually made in any particular case, or to know what its repercussions might have been.

If you think an error was made, it should be reported. Not on the internet, but to the appropriate institutions.

Most in the healthcare system want to do what is best for patients. Vigilance is warranted, but ask for help and you will likely get it.


The part that does need a work over is how we pay for healthcare. That, however, is a very large, complex, and emotional question. This, however, is Peaceful Science, not Peaceful Medicine. So we are going to pass on that debate.