Preacher: It’s Not Weird That a Snake Spoke to Eve Because Even Parrots Can Talk


Very confused man. Perhaps, as a friendly atheist, you can bring him up to speed on some basic theology of the Serpent.

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Perhaps the snake was not one at all. It could be that Satan took the form of a snake, or it could simply be a symbol in the Bible of Satan and evil. Perhaps the former Archangel actually appeared in his real form.


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Genesis has strong indications of Persian inspiration. And Zoroastrians were quite inclined to see snakes as the personification of evil in the universe.

Ironically, Genesis appears to be one of the most recent of the Old Testament books.

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I sometimes catch Andrew Womack around 5am when I wake up with insomnia. He’s not short on entertaining nuggets like this “It’s not weird that a snake spoke to Eve.” But this is a new on me:

When I was a kid, in the Fort Worth zoo, there was an elephant that talked!

There was a lot of bad acid floating around in the 1960’s and 1970’s (not that there’s necessarily such a thing as “good acid”.) I guess it is about a half century too late to call Child Protective Services—but even among TV evangelists, talking elephants are not a frequent topic.

I just wonder if there any any other animals which have spoken to Womack more recently. (If so, I also wonder what the animals at the National Zoo in Washington D.C. think about the federal government shutdown. The animals there must surely have strong opinions if their food rations are being restricted. :wink: )

@Patrick does a great job of keeping us informed on interesting topics!

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Has he ever beaten his own ass?

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If Womack announces that it talked back to him, I’m sure @Patrick will inform us by linking to the Friendly Atheist announcement. :wink:

(For an added twist, perhaps it will speak in tongues—and require an interpretation.)

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I could be that the Book of Job was the first book of the Old Testament. As for the snake, you do make a good point and I must accept the possibility. I hope your holiday was fine. God bless.