Radiodating the Great Isaiah Scroll

I agree with this. Science can be brought to bear on the argument for the Resurrection by say, analysis of what happens to crucifixion victim (as I think Josh brought up in some past thread). Also, if some skeleton was claimed to be Jesus’ body, then science could be used to date it or deduce other things about it. The problem is that there is not much physical evidence claimed for or against the Resurrection such that science is not useful.

I would disagree. The Isaiah Scroll is a great example of one.


Can you explain that one? I’ve never heard of that one.

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And the scientific paper here:

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What happened to Jesus’ atoms when he ascended into heaven? At 10,000 feet he would have frozen and lost consciousnesses.

I agree. The existence of something can be a scientific fact even if we cannot observe the thing itself but only infer its existence from its effects. But you had better be careful about allowing this principle. :smile:

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10,000 is no big deal. 100,000 maybe?

Ok, where did his atoms go? earth orbit? Did they achieve escape velocity of 17,000 mph to exit earth orbit?
Resurrection is one miracle, Ascension is another even harder to believe.

The ancient Hebrew cosmology was a three-tiered universe (and a flat Earth), and heaven was “up”. That doesn’t translate directly to our modern understanding.


Bear in mind, though, that Judaea had been a hellenized country for over three centuries. Even second temple texts like 1 Enoch display the influence of Greek cosmology.

What was almost certainly carried over from earlier times (partly because widespread in all worldviews then) was the concept that God dwelt in the heavens in an analogous way to the way he dwelt in the Temple - Solomon, dedicating the first Temple, spoke of God “placing his name” there, even though the highest heaven could not contain him.

Now that is what is most difficult to translate into our modern understanding. And even more so when united to the idea of the resurrection body of Jesus. But that difficulty is of a piece with the resurrection, which was not a resuscitation (nor strictly a miracle) but a new creation, with new rules.

That resurrection body is not available for examination - though it will be, according to Christian belief, so be patient. The evidence remaining is that an executed royal pretender still has 2 billion subjects.

Within science an inference has to go through the scientific method which requires a testable and falsifiable hypothesis. Philosophical and theological inferences may not require the same methods.