Response to a A Geneological Rapprochement on Adam?

I just read @swamidass’s excellent paper A Genealogical Rapprochement on Adam? and found it fascinating.

At a time when people are leaving their faith because they believe it is incompatible with science and when battle lines are being drawn, both within theological circles and between theological and scientific circles, we need people on all sides who are willing to find common ground. I applaud Josh’s work in establishing common ground and particularly in having the courage to potentially put his career at risk to do so. He has shown that we can practice rigor in both science and theology without compromising either one.


Thanks @MichaelL. This has been a big part of my work the last couple years. It is good to see it appreciated by you. My book comes out end of this year, where I will share more of the story on this.

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I look forward to the book!

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You might want to read the linked material on Joshua’s positions…

That’s the article I quoted from in my last couple of posts to you.