Rethinking the Ancestry of Eukaryotes

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Just so Patrick isn’t the only one starting new science content threads here :wink:

The Last Eukaryotic Common Ancestor may be a population:

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Now I know how @NLENTS feels. :anguished:

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lol But wait, I don’t think I get it. lololol

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Haha I guess my joke was a bit opaque. I was referencing your complaints about being overlooked in the early responses to your review of Darwin Devolves. Likewise, my efforts to create new science threads here were tragically overlooked in Paul’s OP. :yum:

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haha, okay. There’s a Rodney Dangerfield joke in here somewhere… :slight_smile:

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(Curtis Henderson) #7

A quote from the article referencing Dr. Maureen O’Malley:

To O’Malley, that’s wrong. “Obviously LECA can’t have been a single cell,” she said. That error, she thinks, comes from people thinking about the genealogy too simplistically and confusing ancestry with ancestors.

Seems like I’ve heard a bit about the importance of genealogy before, if I could just place where… :wink: