Reviewing Adam and the Genome

For me, it’s very fascinating and fun to understand how science and religion fit together. Being able to be part of a philosophical tradition that is 2000 years old while seeing how it can cohere with the findings of modern science is really cool.


I have disagreements with some of what you presented. But I still can say: Of the few presentations of yours I’ve watched, this one is your best - substantive and thought-provoking.

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Hello Professor. May peace and safety be upon you. When you say trust in scripture, is it also trust in scriptures from all religions that contain information about Adam and Eve? Or only specifically on Christian scriptures?

Agree! Science is also rooted in philosophy. :grin: At least for me that’s how it started until thinkers found method and established some consensus, probability in mathematical model for an observation.

In Decisive Treatise , Averroes argues that philosophy—which for him represented conclusions reached using reason and careful method—cannot contradict revelations in Islam because they are just two different methods of reaching the truth, and “truth cannot contradict truth”.[44][45] When conclusions reached by philosophy appear to contradict the text of the revelation, then according to Averroes, revelation must be subjected to interpretation or allegorical understanding to remove the contradiction.[44][41] This interpretation must be done by those “rooted in knowledge”—a phrase taken from the Quran, 3:7, which for Averroes refers to philosophers who during his lifetime had access to the “highest methods of knowledge”.[44][45] He also argues that the Quran calls for Muslims to study philosophy because the study and reflection of nature would increase a person’s knowledge of “the Artisan” (God).[46] He quotes Quranic passages calling on Muslims to reflect on nature and uses them to render a fatwa (legal opinion) that philosophy is allowed for Muslims and is probably an obligation, at least among those who have the talent for it.[47]

“Cohere” is perhaps too strong a word; it’s more like “stay out of the way”. Coherence, to me, would seem to imply support, when all we have is a lack of conflict due to our inability to devise any sort of test.

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