Roberts: The Meaning of a Gap

Continuing the discussion from The First Principles of Created Kinds:

An important conversation started that I wanted to continue in a more protected way. To keep this conversation on track, there are a few rules at play in this conversation. In general, give @AJRoberts and @Agauger time to respond. As actual OEC scientists who are outnumbered here, do not spam the thread with a Gish Gallop of questions and objections. Give them time to respond. Wait till outstanding questions are answered before following up.

Once their point it out there, then there may be space for larger discussion. However, give priority to scientists using their real names here. Anonymous posters should only comment on a side thread.

Thee Meaning of a Gap

I agree with this. Lack of evidence is absence of evidence.

At this point, I’d invite @AJRoberts and @T_aquaticus to continue the conversation here.