Sean McDowell and the Friendly Atheist

A friend of mine, Dr. Sean McDowell, was in a dialogue with the Friendly Atheist on Friday.

But for now, I think this post may be more interesting and productive. Rather than leading with critique, I would rather lead with an attempt to learn and find common ground. So, here are three takeaways for the church from my interaction with Hemant:

Sean identifies three great places of common ground:

1. Love your kids, even if they disagree with you.

2. Atheists Feel Under Attack by Religion .

3. Be willing to dialogue with opposing viewpoints .

This last one is important to me too. This is what Sean writes:

Hemant encourages churches to hold dialogues on opposing viewpoints with equal representation. Why is this important? He writes, “Because it shows outsiders that Christians are confident in their beliefs, so much so that they’re willing to present their teachings in a setting where the other side of the argument is also presented.” Yes, Yes , YES!

I could not agree more. There is a great deal of common ground here. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of this series and the video.


I can only wish there were more of this kind of exchange of ideas.

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Sean is also a personal friend of mine. I’m sure he could be available for ETS/EPS 2019, especially since it’s close to home for him.


This is great. Thanks for posting this. Peaceful Science can a place where all can discuss science as neutral ground AND keep our individual faith and beliefs and change/modify them if any one is so inclined.


He will be excited about participating in this. He might even be up for endorsing my book. It is interesting to see a cross-camp community forming, isn’t it?

That is exactly the vision.


Just added the video to the original post.

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