Sean McDowell Endorses the Genealogical Adam and Eve

“The Genealogical Adam and Eve is a meticulously researched, fascinating, and timely book. I am personally grateful to Dr. Swamidass for his honest and thoughtful approach to the question of the historical Adam. Whether we agree or disagree with him on evolution or Adam and Eve, everyone can deeply appreciate the spirit in which he writes this book. It is a model for how to approach hard questions at the intersection of science and faith. May this book get the wide readership it deserves.”

Sean McDowell, professor of apologetics, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University

The conversation about evolutionary creationists and intelligent design was really interesting. Sean is interviewing me this Sunday night with Fazale Rana (@AJRoberts), and Doug Axe agreed to an interview with us this summer too. Looking forward to it.

Don’t forget the interview he published right before the GAE was published: McDowell and Swamidass: The Proper Relationship Between Science and Theology.


@michelle we discussed his recent podcast with another organization too.

Where can we watch your interview with Rana and McDowell this Sunday?

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Great question. See here:

Link is already noted here: McDowell, Rana and Swamidass: Livestreamed on Sunday.

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Excellent discussion. I particularly resonated with the ideas that:

  1. all sides need to seek to understand each other better and
  2. particularly as Christians, we should focus on our shared belief in the resurrection over and above any particular view on origins

I see a danger in our internal Christian debate on origins, that we might repel people away from the faith, rather than drawing them in. At the same time, I would like more Christians to join the sciences without fear of being seen as compromising on their faith.

I also enjoyed the interruptions by Sean’s children! :slight_smile:

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