Speir Was Right on Glenn Morton

You aren’t making any sense here @r_speir.

@grmorton did not affirm evolution. Don’t make up stuff about him, especially because he isn’t around to defend himself any more.


Oh my. To the contrary, he most certainly did otherwise why when I asked him point blank to defend his position on it, he did not correct me then?

I know personally what I am talking about.

Maybe he did, and you misunderstood it as deflecting back to the age of the earth. @grmorton is publicly on record as an OEC with reservations about evolution.

Many OECs report being unfairly vilified by YECs for affirming evolution, when in fact they don’t.

Well if true I couldn’t have heard any better news today than that.This news would come to me as an “update” on his convictions.

Now, I would be doubly happy just to see and read that public record. Can you supply it?

Try reading the links in the preamble to the article.


No, I can’t believe you on this. Sorry. If you are thinking that theistic evolution does not qualify as evolution, you and I are miles apart on this one.

Isn’t that exactly what YECs believe?

You know that is absurd. You publicly accused of making things up. That is the real issue here right now.


Old Earth Ministries Author Profile

Glenn Morton

Glenn Morton has worked in the oil industry for over 30 years. He has held various positions in geophysics. Through his employment he is credited with finding 33 oil fields. He was a published young earth creationist prior to becoming an old earth creationist, having written 27 articles.

He has published his own website on creation science, where he argues for the old earth viewpoint as a theistic evolutionist. As of October 2012, Mr. Morton’s website is no longer online. This has been retrieved from web archives. Glenn always put this remark on most of his pages: “This can be freely distributed so long as no changes are made and no charges are made.” They are presented here with no changes or charges for access."

“[Glenn Morton] … argues for the old earth viewpoint as a theistic evolutionist.”

@swamidass, just wondering if there is anything you would like to walk back in your statements against me?

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I stand corrected. You were right and I was wrong. I apologize also for the sharpness with which I corrected you.

Let it be known I have no difficulty apologizing to a YEC and making retractions when I’m shown wrong. :slight_smile:


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You are different. I appreciate it.

Change of subject (but related): Eyewitness accounts are a personal thing. For instance, I believe that Gen 1 & 2 are eyewitness accounts probably by God the Son and God the Holy Spirit of the same creation event. They seem to be different but only because the eyewitnesses were different. Together, they establish the event as true. (Not looking for a discussion, just wanted to talk about eyewitness accounts, that’s all.)

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Genesis as Rashomon? Interesting.

Speaking of which, wouldn’t both Jesus and the Holy Spirit have an omniscient viewpoint?

True story - when she was young, but not a toddler, one of my children was startled and amazed at a sight she swore she saw outside of her bedroom window (a second story window) one Christmas Eve. Basically she saw a couple of Santa’s reindeer cavorting, basically hauling Santa’s sleigh. There was absolutely no question that she saw this, and we smile about this story to this day.

So, in my family, there is more evidence, by way of direct, first hand eyewitness testimony (that I gather @r_speir would accept as completely valid and convincing), for the existence of Santa than there is for the existence of, say, Jesus (or any other deity).


Scary, and incredibly cool. I want pics! :slight_smile:

Scary, and incredibly cool. I want pics! :slight_smile:

Unfortuanetly I’m still in the materials gathering stage. Currently I have a Silver Streak Zephyr locomotive, two silver F7B units, and about ten coaches. I’ll need about 60 total to have a movie-accurate train (1001 coaches from the show is too expensive), so this’ll likely be a decade long project.

Anyways, I’ll let the thread come back to it’s original topic lol

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So even God cannot keep his story straight?