Study Announces Discovery of New Species of Crocodile, But Speciation Is Not Evolution, Says Christian Geneticist

Oh my. I found this in the article:

… Purdom contended that speciation is not evolution.

Changes in allele frequencies in populations over time is not evolution? Seriously? Even if those allele frequency changes are so significant to where new species are developed? It sounds like Purdom has some sort of layperson’s definition of evolution.

“Crocodiles are still crocodiles, and they aren’t gaining traits that will eventually result in them being a non-crocodile,” she noted.

I have also heard AIG denials of evolution in bacteria where they claim “Yes, but the new bacteria are still bacteria.” I suppose no matter how much evidence one can demonstrate for animal evolution, Georgia Purdom will likewise say “Yes. but the new creature is still an animal. Not a non-animal. So it isn’t evolution.”

As I always wonder: “The new organism is still a eukaryote. Not a non-eukaryote. So that’s still not an example of evolution.” What a great universal-denial argument. It can be applied to any and all evidence.

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Here is AIG’s “scientist” Georgina Purdom’s YEC explanation:

Words fail me. :astonished: I wonder how many well established scientific disciplines she has to completely ignore? Geology, physics, paleontology, genetics, biology, just to name a few. She even managed to sneak in Ken Ham’s famous "Were you there?? Did you see it??"


I know the feeling. Nevertheless, I really try to hold back my open-mouthed wonder and shock. I want to encourage forum participation by people who may feel more comfortable with AIG’s positions because it seems to fit their personal theologies. (I know that situation well because I’m an ex-YEC who was into “creation science” long ago.) Yet, it is really difficult not to be astonished by Purdom’s arguments and tactics.

I realize that Georgian Purdom is unlikely to hold office hours here. But I’d love to see it happen. Making AIG staff feel welcomed in a more diverse forum than they normally frequent would certainly take careful thought.

If can get Georgia Purdom here to hold office hours, I would agree to be bounded and gagged the entire time that she is here. :sunglasses:


I might need to be tied up too!

Actually, it might be interesting to chat with Purdum away from the argument. I’m having a nice private discussion with Paul Nelson, and he is very likable.

It’s astounds me that the evidence they demand as proof of evolution, would disprove evolution if it existed.

But then, I remind myself, they don’t do this on accident. From the AiG perspective it’s good strategy:


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Your DTA 419 article reminded me of another scam I’ve read about.

An unscrupulous stock broker will get the emails of 32,000 people who are active in personal stock trading. He’ll send an email advertising his stock service and to 16,000 he’ll add “here’s a free stock tip. Stock A will go up next week”. To the other 16,000 he’ll add “here’s a free stock tip. Stock A will go down next week”

Next week to the list of 16,000 who got the correct prediction he’ll send 8000 “here’s another free stock tip. Stock B will go up next week”. To the other 8,000 he’ll add “here’s a free stock tip. Stock B will go down next week”

Next week to the list of 8,000 who got two correct predictions he’ll send 4000 “here’s another free stock tip. Stock C will go up next week”. To the other 4,000 he’ll add “here’s a free stock tip. Stock C will go down next week”

Repeat twice more for stocks D, E until he has a list of 1000 names who got 5 correct predictions in a row. Then will come the sales pitch “You’ve seen how accurate my stock predictions are. For just $$$$ you can subscribe to my stock service and get more great tips every day!”. It’s amazing how many times this scam will fool even intelligent, market savvy people.


That’s clever! Unscrupulous, but clever.

My goodness!!! I guess they have no problem with an earlier ape species evolving into humans since both are still animals.


I’m stealing that! :smile:

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I assume that a logician would categorize this stock scheme under the Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy.


Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy

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