Study: Shift towards acceptance of evolution among Mormons


(Dan Eastwood) #1

Jensen and her colleagues used what they described as a “Reconciliation Model” when teaching evolution. They emphasized that evolution was not a belief system and therefore not in conflict with religion, among other things.


The Mormon church doesn’t seem to be as tied down to its history as their Protestant and Catholic counterparts, at least in the US. Mormonism had its difficulties with racism in the past, but now the Mormon church is one of the most open and diverse congregations with relation to race. While I certainly don’t accept their theology or beliefs, it is nice to see some progress on more secular topics.

(Dan Eastwood) #3

The Mormon church doesn’t have as much history to drag along with it. One reason they changed their policies is that it was hampering their International efforts. There was also a 1969 Civil Right protest by University of Wyoming football players (GO WYO!) that drew a national and regional attention. One revelation to the church President later, and the policy was changed. Mormons are nothing if not pragmatic.