Swamidass and Peaceful Science in RealClearLife


Here is the problem:

Swamidass breathed scientific life into religious courses, like tying Genesis to the study of cosmology and bringing neuroscience into discussions about the human soul.

Please tell all of us here how you tied the science of cosmology to Genesis AND how neuroscience is tied to the human soul? I have to agree with Jerry Coyne here, you are making stuff up. There is no connection between the study of cosmology and the Genesis creation myth and neuroscience has yet to find any evidence of a human soul.

Did not write those words. It is just that reporter paraphrasing what another reporter wrote. The publicity is good. It gets people in the front door. We just have to be good at telling the story well when they come.

Also, we’ve discussed the soul before, and came to terms on it.

Did you forget already?


Ok. Everybody gets misquoted. It is an art in dealing with the press. Very hard to do especially for a scientist on the cutting edge of evolutionary science.


You know me enough to be certain I would never glibly say something scientifically indefensible. If I made an error, I’d walk it back and retract. I’m gonna have people coming at me from all angles. You could be one of those telling them I’m legitimate, and is happy to clarify. Right?

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I continue to tell people you’re legitimate. But you are walking that tightrope, in the wind, in the rain, in the dark, and then you want to do an interview. You might need a press agent. :grinning:


I do need staff to maximize the potential here. I really do.

You have admit @Patrick, I’m doing well. Right? There is always going to be wind, rain, and more. Right now, at least, I am doing what is right, and I am holding my own. I’m doing good work.


You are doing well. Keep going forward. You are holding you’re own. I think that you are in the big leagues now. Stay alert to attacks from all sides and they will be coming. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.