The Axiom of Belief

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Will Walsh’s book be available in audio format (e.g., Audible books)? I rarely have time to read books recreationally these days, but I love to consume them in 30-minute chunks while I commute.


Chris Falter

P.S. I love the site and the forum, @swamidass !

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Great question! That would be really cool, but usually first printings don’t have such things. Very unfortunate. Maybe there are some new technology solutions to this that @AndyWalsh can pursue with his publisher:

Also, just FYI, we are probably going to do a book club on this book. I hope you can join: Considering a Peaceful Science Book Club.

Thanks! It is really great having you here. I’ve always enjoyed interacting with you elsewhere. I hope we see more of you here in the future.

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Great review of @AndyWalsh’s book.

In short, Faith Across the Multiverse is an absolute must-read for nerds, aspiring theologians and apologists, and just any lay Christian who is looking for a better way to understand heavy theological concepts and doesn’t mind having a bit of fun along the way. And there is no better guide (or Babel Fish, to put it correctly) to take you on that journey than Andy Walsh.

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Thanks for sharing that review.

If anyone is having difficulty with that link, here is another option for reaching the same review:


It has to be a good review. It doesn’t use the word ‘paradigm’ in the entire piece.

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