The BioLogos Homeschool Curriculumn

Peaceful Science and Biologos do not share the same perspective on all issues, but you may consider checking out the Biologos forum specifically for homeschooling.

as well as starting with this article:

What I would wish to instill in a growing mind is that life is not static. Nature is dynamic and always shifting, and the living world is part of that. Evolution is not separate from biology. Evolution is just biology over time.


I have serious reservations about scientific claims made by BioLogos that appear, at least to me, to be false. Hopefully these issues have not extended to their homeschool curriculum.

Last night I emailed @Kathryn_Applegate, asking for a copy of their curriculum so I can assess it for myself and decide if I can recommend it or not. She hasn’t answered me yet, but I expect she will soon.

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Most of those arguments are at a much higher level than middle school biology curricula. If nothing else, those disagreements can serve as examples of what healthy scientific discourse looks like. One important lesson that all students should learn is science is open to change, arguments, challenges, and debate. Christian scientists can disagree about science and theology, but still agree on the basics of Christian belief.


I hope you are right. I’m not so sure.

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I tested 3 of the units with my kids, so I’d be happy to look through those again and see if any of your specific concerns are addressed in those units (I just can’t give any quotes).

Overall, it was done in a way to allow many viewpoints.

The curriculum is not a full biology curriculum. It’s a supplement to use alongside a regular biology curriculum. I used it with Miller & Levine Biology (Macaw version).

I did the following units:

Evolutionary Creation
The Fossil Record and Faith
Seeing God in Creation

I wanted to do The Bible and Origins, but didn’t get a chance. That might have things pertaining to your questions.

A lot of it was focused on showing that accepting evolution doesn’t mean you need to throw out your faith. Some YEC ideas were discussed, including flood geology.