The definition of macro vs microevolution

I would appreciate knowing where this hole supposedly is. What are you getting at?

Or if you’re ignoring me, can anyone else suggest what point @gbrooks9 is trying to make?

I would say they are separate species. There is either complete isolation of the two gene pools or extremely little transfer between the gene pools. There is an obvious divergence between the populations, both in morphology and genetics.

If we tracked every genetic change in each population since the two populations experienced limited gene flow between them we would probably classify each change as microevolution.

I guess I would have to ask how you determine significance. There are single mutations that can result in large amounts of phenotypic change, other mutations that cause tiny phenotypic changes, and other mutations that don’t produce any change in phenotype. Is that what you are asking about?



I think you answered my question(s) as well as anyone could. Thank you. We should remember this conversation for the next time someone starts trying to throw grenades into the mix!