The Meaning of The Genesis Kinds

Can you give us a link to that article?

I don’t know if it’s available online. But here’s a link to the journal on Google Books:

Mind you, this was my first jump into the discussion. Todd Wood knew I would represent a position that did not supported his baraminology. So I commend him for letting me say waht I wanted to. Funny, this article has been referenced on AiG, making me think the author didn’t actually read the article, but just assumed if it’s in a YEC journal it must agree!

I have a PDF of the article. Any way to attach that?

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Have you seen this article by a Seventh Day Adventist?

I wonder if it is best translated as “many kinds.”

I haven’t. Thanks for the heads up. The problem with “many kinds” is that the Hebrew construction [“according to its kind”] is awkward for something this simple. I’ll take a look, though I was about to jump into the Dabar paper!


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Dabar paper first! :smile: