The molecular evolution of feathers with direct evidence from fossils

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Brian Miller: Co-option and Irreducible Complexity
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Very cool interaction between biochemistry and fossils. Thanks.

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There was no dinosaur bird transition. There were no dinosaurs. These tyupes were birds misidentified.
Fossils never show evidence for biology. they are , by definition, after the facxt of biiological processes. Therefore its only a guess that this fossil led to that one by a hidden biological process that is called evolution. You can’t get biology out of a stone.
All they can do here is observe feather types and guess if they evolved from here to there.
"must of been’ sounds like bias by the way. Its corrupting investigation.


LOL - because @Robert_Byers says so.

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Well not biological processes which is how fossil;s are used by evolutionists.
They only show aFTER THE FACT of biological processes. any process could only be inferred from connecting facts/data of fossils.
Thats why fossils are not biological scientific evidence for evolution. Its sloppy rsearch on the part of evolutionists.

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Would you like to come to the lab sometime?