The Solar System can Support a Trillion People?

“This Earth can support, let’s say, 10 billion people to a certain degree. We’d have to work really hard to figure out how to do that without degrading the planet… The solar system can support a trillion people,” Bezos also said. “Even if you were to terraform Mars or do something very dramatic like that — which could be very, very challenging, by the way — even if you were to do that, that is, at most, a doubling of Earth… Then you’re going from 10 billion people to 20 billion people.”

Hmm. How does the math on this work out? If there are 10 billion people on Earth, where do the other 990 billion fit? Is Bezos thinking they are living in space stations?

Presumably. L5 colonies and such. Or maybe he’s proposing a Dyson sphere. How many wacko billionaires do we need?

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It’s also possible he’s talking about the portals to other solar systems that the protomolecule will open up. Sa sa, innalowda?


Wardrobes to Narnia :slight_smile: ?

Perhaps when settle on the planets.

I have heard, when I was in graduate school, that the earth could easily handle 5 or 6 times the population if we would just distribute our food more efficiently.

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That’d only get us to around 50 billion, so we’d need 200 earth-sized planets (or moons) to reach 1 trillion. There aren’t that many in the solar system.

Hi everyone,

The idea is a serious one, and it has been around since the 1970s. I actually think it has some merit, and I discussed it briefly in my e-book, Embryo and Einstein: Why They’re Equal, written around ten years ago. Anyway, here’s the address of the National Space Society. And here are a couple of useful pages, where they discuss the possibility of trillions of people living in low earth orbit, using asteroids as construction materials.

Free Space Settlements

Space Settlement Basics

The Moon and Mars together have a surface area roughly the size of Earth. But if the single largest asteroid (Ceres) were to be used to build free-space settlements, the total living area created would be hundreds of times the surface area of the Earth. Since much of the Earth is ocean or sparsely inhabited, settlements built from Ceres alone could provide uncrowded homes for more than a trillion people.


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The assumption is that you could set up and maintain a stable ecosystem in each of these tiny habitats, which remains to be seen. Hey, we are finding it difficult to maintain a stable ecosystem right here on this huge planet. It also assumes that anyone would want to live in such an impoverished habitat.


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