Understanding Intelligent Design Creationism: Christian Version

Intelligent Design Creationism: Austin Cline and Professor Phillip E. Johnson, BA, JD

Intelligent Design Creationism is the most recent form of creationism to develop, but its roots go back much further. Fundamentally speaking, Intelligent Design is based upon the idea that the existence of God be deduced from the existence of intricate design in the universe just as there is design in other things made by humans, e.g., the pocket watch idea by the Rev. William Paley from England. I feel the Mr. Johnson and ID are correct. I reject all other forms of creationism.

You do realize the Paley’s Watch argument was examined and rejected by science over 200 years ago, yes?

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actually its not. a watch need design even if it made from organic components or has a self replicating system. so the watch argument is still valid.

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I do realize this; however, I still accept the argument. Differences of opinion. It has been nice communicating with you, Dr. Horton. Even though you said of the discussion is interesting, I prefer my version of the discussion. I have you will discuss this more.

God bless.


Well taken, my friend.
I feel we are right.

All that shows is no matter how much evidence for evolution is given you will ignore it and still claim that something is designed.


Some context:

What I always found interesting about Paley’s argument is that the watch found in the heath is exceptional. If all the plants, insects, mice, and other things in the heath are all designed, why does a watch stick out among all those other designed things?

So how did Darwin view Paley’s argument?

For those who are interested in the history of science, there is a really interesting article from 1882 written by George Romanes entitled “The Scientific Evidence of Organic Evolution”. In the article, Romanes directly addresses intelligent design, even using the phrase “intelligent design” repeatedly. Strangely enough, many of those same arguments stand to this day. A quick quote to whet the appetite:

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so a watch doesnt need design?

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Why do you ask questions only to ignore the answers?

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Then every Christian is an Intelligent Design proponent. ID thinks they can do this scientifically. I’m not sure of that. And I’m not sure we should even be able to even if Christian Theism is true.

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Ok. I have to ask. Do you have a watch and/or robot fetish? That seems to be all you think about.


We measure times in accordance with our standards for measuring time.

Since our standards are designed, a watch that follows those standards must also be designed.

Other biological organisms are not obliged to follow our standards. They can invent their own ways of doing things. And we usually won’t see that as design.


if the analogy work why not to use it?

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Because, like every other analogy you gave, it fails. Spectacularly.

“If watch is designed, humans must be designed as well.” It’s a complete non-sequitur. And, quite honestly, complete and utter idiocy.

I wrote more, but I think it’s best if I kept the rest to myself.


Your reasoning is illogical. The watch is a perfect example of intelligent design by a great creator, i.e., God or I AM THAT I AM. Exodus 3. Before Abraham was, I AM. (Gospel of John).

Lawyers in a court of law ask questions to get to the truth. My Israeli friend is doing the same. T_a is quite in error in his reasoning.

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Do not be so unfriendly. You should apologize to scd.


Pretty sure watch (or rather, a clock) was made by some guy, six centuries ago.