Using Time Dilation to Reconcile the Biblical and Observed Timescales

So I am brand new to the forum and I specifically joined so I could test this idea I have been developing for the past year. If I am way off base or if what I am saying sounds ridiculous, please let me know, but I think I may have an answer to why the time scales observable science and the bible are so out of sync, with one giving a universal age of ~14 Gy and the other an age of 6,000 yrs.

To begin, I must describe the phenomenon of time dilation for those of you who may not be familiar with it. Basically, when an object approaches light speed or approaches a massive object like a black hole, that object’s experience of time slows down in comparison with that of any outside observer. I am not a physicist, so again, if I am off base, please correct me. We can garner from scripture that the Almighty’s experience of time is different from our own current experience (Psalm 90:4) and that He is a being of light (1 John 1:5). When man was first created, he lived with the Almighty in the Garden of Eden, where he walked with, talked with, and interacted with Him on a daily basis (Genesis 2&3). This would indicate God and man shared a common experience in the Garden and therefore a common experience in the passage of time. Even after the Fall of Man in Genesis 3, a chapter later we learn that mankind still existed in the Lord’s Presence, as evidenced by Cain leaving the face and presence of the Lord when leaving the Land of Eden in Genesis 4. One could therefore make the argument that when one dwells in God’s presence, one’s experience of the passage of time would be the same as God’s experience, and therefore may be different from the experience of those outside of that presence.

To keep myself from rambling, I will summarize this idea and hopefully with discussion the various other facets of it will come to light. In essence, God created the Heavens and the Earth as one, with the Angels, Adam and Eve, and the animals to inhabit it, as described in Genesis 2and 3 and alluded to in Ezekiel 28 and Job 38:4-7. After the Fall, the War in Heaven described in Revelation 12 erupted, resulting in the Earth becoming without form and void, as said in Genesis 1:2. God restored the Earth over seven days by His own experience and by the experience of Adam and Eve, as they still dwelt in God’s presence even after the Fall. However, those seven days of restoration would have looked like a time lapse film covering the course of 14 billion years of development till reaching the state of the universe we know and love today.

Due to the fact that the fall occurred prior to this regeneration, this hypothesis does not violate the “death before the fall” conundrum, even in the case of animal death. It respects observational science and the long ages it infers for the age of the Earth and Cosmos, while also respecting the Biblical seven day creation account.

@dga471 and @jongarvey , is this like the Hypertime Fall?

Hypertime Fall? I would love to learn more about this.

This actually bears uncanny resemblance to the ideas I’ve played with. Very interesting.

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If that’s the case, I’d start by reading his book, understanding him well, and considering in what ways your idea is the same or a variant of his. Hudson’s book has been well reviewed, and he is an established professor, so that’s a good foundation for you.

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Ive actually been kind of binging all his works today, from Grotesque in the Garden to The Metaphysics of Hyperspace. I like how he seems to speak of Philosophy as the bridge between Theology and Science.

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Quite a good book actually, a work of fiction: Hud Hudson: A Grotesque in the Garden.