Versatile building blocks make structures with surprising mechanical properties

While we are busy arguing biology, the folks in materials science are going nuts! :smile:


This is cool.

During the demonstration, the streets were slick from rain, and the race car ended up crashing into a barrier. To the surprise of everyone involved, the carโ€™s lattice-like internal structure deformed and then bounced back, absorbing the shock with little damage. A conventionally built car, Jenett says, would likely have been severely dented if it was made of metal, or shattered if it was composite.

2040 may look a lot different than 2020.

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To be honest, I did not understand the physics babble in the article. I need the plain English version.

I donโ€™t understand much of it myself. The implication is that we may see super-materials becoming commonplace, allowing things we previously thought impossible (or at least highly unlikely).

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