We Believe in Dinosaurs Documentary PBS

Greetings all,

I just learned that the documentary, We Believe in Dinosaurs, concerning the creation of Ken Ham’s Ark Park will be available for viewing until 3/18/2020 here on PBS.

Panda’s Thumb has the announcement as the documentary features Dan Phelps, a regular commentator at PT.

Definitely worth a viewing and discussion…



Includes one of the PS members, @David_MacMillan, right?


Yep, he is a major feature of the film. Didn’t make the connection that he was a part of the community – my apologies to @David_MacMillan.


@David_MacMillan I watched “We Believe in Dinosaurs” and want to thank you for your courage. I salute you for your efforts.

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Thanks for the kind words! I’m really excited it is being more widely seen.

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It really does a great job of showing the real danger of beliefs.

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Hi David,

Great job with this documentary. You really captured a side of Kentucky that (even though I live in Lexington) I have not really experienced. People from some other parts of the country probably have a hard time believing that such a culture really exists.

That having been said, it was sad to hear your answer about missing (or not) Kentucky. It’s too bad that religion has poisoned the well so much.

I’m glad you enjoyed it! In hindsight my feelings about Kentucky may have slightly less to do with AiG and slightly more to do with my family in general…

I watched it last night and quite enjoyed it. It was tough to watch at some points. Not because of the quality of the documentary but because of what it was depicting.

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Ken Ham has responded to the documentary’s airing; I respond here:

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