We Might Be Wrong About How Children Understand The Minds of Others at a Young Age

There’s a chance we’re overestimating how much children understand about the minds of others – in fact, we might be expecting too much of kids at too young an age.


Sigh. I definitely expect too much of my 5-year-old. He is just learning to share. This is a good reminder than when my boys argue to have them explain to the other why they got upset. And also that my frustration doesn’t communicate that his behavior is wrong.

I definitely notice that I don’t expect the same behavior out of my 2-year-old as I did the oldest when he is two because I know what’s “normal.”

More research on this is helpful. It’s interesting that the kids almost seem to assume the other child will make the wrong choice. Or I as an adult can’t even understand their thought process. :joy:


My favorite psychology teacher (also my wife) should be very interested in this.


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