Welcoming Ben Kissling

Hi Ben, welcome to the forum. I hope you find your participation here rewarding. Are you certain you want to start off with a combative stance? You could probably learn a great deal if you are genuinely interested in doing so.


Hi Ben,

Welcome to the community.


I enjoy learning. What did you have in mind?

@BenKissling, can you tell us about yourself? What brings you to Peaceful Science? What is your point of view? What do you do?

Somebody posted on a facebook group that Gauger was responding here, so I read the thread.

Just finished Behe’s new book last night. I am YEC and ID. B.S. in biochemistry with a lot of different lab experience.



There are a LOT of threads here related to Behe’s book. You will probably fundamentally disagree with most, because of the worldview you bring, but the evidence is discussed. I suggest reading with an open mind. No one is going to force you (or even ask you) to change your opinion, but be ready to have scientific arguments challenged - and often not with kid gloves. There are several active research scientists here (I’m not one, having not been active since my PhD nearly 20 years ago) that are very willing to discuss and explain scientific evidence.

It is unlikely that you could find a better place to learn more about the scientific evidence supporting evolution, should you choose to take advantage of it. In my opinion though, be prepared to be faced with evidence that is inconsistent with what you believe.

Now here is one of the great things about this forum - you can also find many siblings in Christ (including @swamidass) that accept this scientific evidence and also accept the Lordship of Jesus Christ in our lives. There are also many discussions regarding the Christian faith.


That’s cool. As for my combative stance I generally respond to people in the manner they present themselves, for better or worse. Don’t take it personal. I was responding to somebody else.

Oh, I think libraries and universities are pretty good too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Talk.origins (Panda’s Thumb) has accumulated a large number of FAQs…

There are a few molecular biologists spread around the forum, so you will find some people to converse with on those subjects.



Sure, I probably exaggerated :stuck_out_tongue: But what do you do if you are using any of those other excellent resources and have a question?


No problem at all, I took no offense. I just thought it was an odd way to introduce yourself to the forum, if you are truly interested in learning. Some people log in just because they like to argue :slight_smile:


What’s wrong with that? We aren’t going to change any minds. Why else would we be here?

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To understand and be understood.

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Are you open mined enough to change your views if the scientific evidence conclusively shows those views are wrong?

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Arguing is a great way to do that.

Here’s something I would like to understand: You say you are a “confessing scientist.” Obviously you are alluding to confessing a religious faith. What do you mean by that? Do you consider yourself as having faith in science?

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I seriously doubt that I will change my mind at this point. There’s not a lot relating to this issue I haven’t already seen. But I would love it if you tried.

Have you seen the Genealogical Adam and Eve yet?

Nope. Is that a thread?

There appears to be something new under the sun. If you read closely, you will more than enough reason to rework your understanding of origins.