What a Memory Looks Like


Indeed the memory must be a weiord looking thing. yet i think from the bible and human understanding we should conclude we have no brain. instead we just have a tremendous memory machine. The MIND of the bible. why not practice reductionism in these matters. its an old wives tale that we had a brain. they just never imagined a memory machine could be so great. Thus everything we do is a exchange between the soukl and the memory. it would explain things better.

Another Byers-ism with remarkable quotability. :slightly_smiling_face:


Robert, I cannot help myself, I must ask you to explain further. I know you have made this claim quite a few times, but you cannot mean that there is no such thing as a physical brain. What exactly do you mean when you say “we have no brain”, while surgeons are operating on brains every single day?


What I mean is that the brain is not source of human thought. it doesn’t exist. instead what we have in our skull is just a giant memory machine. The bible never says we have a brain because WE use the brain word as a concept for human intelligence and the biological machine behind it.
starting from the bible and understanding one should instead conclude all we have, all, is a memory action. A simple redunctionist concept. What surgeons, tinker with only, is parts of the memory machine. the bible uses the word MIND to indicate memory.
Therefore nobody ever has beain problems. They only have memory problems. Yet because the memory is so gloriously great its really people just have triggering problems with the memory.
Thats why idiot savants can demonstrate ‘great’ memory feats but not memorize ordinary things. its a triggering problem. Our souls can not be impaired in thinking ability because they are immaterial. only the material MEMORY system can be impaired.
So its a great way to put it by saying we have no brain. that is we have no thinking machine, with some memory, but instead oNLY a memory machine.
you caught my attention! i think its right to say we have no brain because of what it means.
one could call the mass of stuff in our skull a brain iF one only meant a memory operation machine. HMM. Well its a good lead in for me to introduce the idea.

Thanks for explaining what you mean. How would you account for evidence of thought being a brain activity? Not a scientific article, but here is a link to a Popular Mechanics article:

I have seen things like this on youtube shows. I actually welcome it as a insight. it means they would be readsing something physically “written” down. I see this as simply reading the very material memory 'pad" that WE read with our souls. I understand they do a raw type of thing of noticing lights and buzzers.
Yet if WE read our physical memory then why not some contrivance of man?1 however if possible far away.
by the way. i would say Jesus upon becoming man had this issue. the bible says jesus GREW in wisdom as a kid. Yet if he was God what did he need to learn that he didn’t already know?
i conclude that upon becoming a human his memory was erased from the God years and he had to start over. he became the best but it was a learning curve. a strange interaction between his GOD SOUL and his human memory/mind.
This is also why in one of his healings, eye thing, he had to ask the guy what he saw and then had to do another shot. this because he only had a hunch healing sight would not start the sense of sight with its interaction with the mind/memory.