What was Neanderthal clothing like?

Neanderthals lived in Europe from ~400,000 years ago to ~28,000 years ago. During this time period the continent went through numerous ice ages. The Neanderthals’ body evolved to deal with this new tough environment, as did their technology. One important adaptation was the use of clothes.

In short, neanderthals covered most of their body in cold environments, less so during the warm. They often wore gloves and shoes, but only wore hats during the coldest times. However, these clothes were likely just simple furs or skins, tied or just draped over their body. They lacked the technology to produce tight fitting tailored clothes, like the kind modern humans wore.

Sounds like us. I don’t like wearing hats either and the clothes wore is very temperature dependent. Were they taking their whole wardrobe with them or making the clothes as the seasons came. Planning or reacting to the weather?

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I do not know. We are outside my area here, but my guess is that they were planning. It takes time to make clothing…right?

Well it does take time to make clothing. I read that only Sapiens tailored their clothing to be more form fitting and sewing together cut pieces of fur. Neanderthals just wrapped skins around themselves cloak like. But I can see both species to be working hard to make clothes as the autumn winds came fully knowing that winter was approaching and they needed to stay warm.

Sounds like a lot of speculation… is there any archaeological proof that they even wore clothes?

Perhaps they roamed around naked.

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That looks like a computer generated picture…

Any reference ?
I am genuinely curious.

On the left is a photograph of a confirmed Neanderthal grave. On the right is one reconstruction possibility. Now, of course, Sapiens invited to this Neanderthal’s funeral, could have given the family Sapien clothing for the burial. That’s a possibility right?

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Technically the left picture is not a photograph. But that’s incredibly interesting. Can you cite somewhere that talks about this finding? That’s a heck of a lot of jewerly.


No? I’m very interested. Where does it say that Jewelry this complex was found on a certified neanderthal?


Is a “certified neanderthal” anything like “certifiably neanderthal”? My dorm neighbor in college was of the latter type.


I bet the Neanderthals had better sense than to buy those new jeans that already have holes torn in them.


According to Darren Aronofsky’s “Noah,” everyone in Noah’s erra wore pretty cool pants too.

But @Patrick,

Seriously. Where did you get this picture from and what evidence is it referring to?