When Lab Experiments Carry Theological Implications

From *Abraham Loeb is chair of the astronomy department at Harvard University, founding director of Harvard’s Black Hole Initiative:

But perhaps, just as in the chicken and egg dilemma—for the beginning of which we have scientific clues—the entire cosmic history started from some primordial ingredients and random processes. In which case, one may ask: are there recipes for different universes that can be produced out of the same primordial ingredients? If so, we could broaden our perspective by reading the “Book of Recipes for Universes.”

When we meet members of a more advanced civilization, we might ask if they wrote such a book. If they did, let’s hope that it is available for purchase and not out of print.

Seems a bit far fetched to me…

This plays right into ID’s hands by tacitly acknowledging that it would require at least one mind acting deliberately to purposefully manipulate chemistry to produce synthetic life or baby universes, by infusing information and imposing lab regulation of the regime. Rather than a lab experiment with theological implications, it is an exercise of the imagination based on a sort of mimicry of the universe which is ALREADY HERE, and shows every sign of deliberate intention.

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