Why is Pinker demonized?

I only know him from youtube.
I understand he is from montreal.
I first saw things about language, which I have a creationist interest in, and then noticed he did things on intelligence. he , as i understood, said Jews were more intelligent then other people, possibly innately, and then he said men were more intelligent then women, possibly innately.
i was surprised , on the latter, he would be allowed to say that and SURE ENOUGH he was attacked by the liberal left establishment and , funny to me, I saw him bitterly complaining about political correctness, even though a left wing democrat type, and its just because he broke ranks.
His ideas on language are goofy evolutionist ones.
Its all a attempt to make things innate. Yet language is not innate. just memorized sounds representing thoughts.
The hate against him is from his fellow left wingers. Unless because he is from C??anada