Winning the Masses… with a Story

First time I’ve posted in a while, been very busy being a dad :slight_smile:
As I have become more vocal about my belief in evolution AND in the creation of the universe by the hands of the God of the Bible, I’ve found an enormous amount of hostility from the Young Earth crowd, having been even called ‘Satan’ at one point :stuck_out_tongue:
Im sure this is no surprise to those of you who have been Christians affirming evolution for a while now, but its been a bit of a shock to me, even when evolutionary belief is harmonized with the doctrines YECs hold dear to, like common descent from Adam and the issue of death before the fall.
Ultimately, there will always be those who will remain obstinately glued to their ill-founded beliefs, no matter how much scriptural or scientific evidence is presented to the contrary. However, I think for some that cling to YEC reluctantly for fear of compromising scripture, what they need is a reconstruction, demonstrating what a biblical cosmology would look like with evolutionary foundations. Consider paleontology. So much effort is given to dinosaur reconstructions, even if the fossil they are based on consist of only a few toe bones. The reason for this is because it brings their discovery to the eyes of the masses. Even people with minimal skeletal anatomic knowledge can look at a picture of a dinosaur
and say, “Wow! That’s cool!”
So, what would make the Christian masses say “Wow! That’s cool!” in regards to evolution and biblical cosmology? Well, I think a story would do the job perfectly! So, after a long introduction, I’d like to present my humble solution to the conundrum.


Yep. That happens too! You are in good company :laughing:

Not too busy to write a book, but if I didn’t spend as much time chatting online I might write a book too. Now you need some reviews. :smiley:


Very interesting idea for a book. I’ve pulled up the Amazon preview so that I’m reminded to read the sample excerpt when I get the chance.

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Genesis 1 in between parts of Genesis 2? That’s certainly a thought. Not sure it improves the fit between story and science, though.

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You are right about that! Definitely need some reveiws!

Awesome! Looking forward to hearing what you think!

That’s actually sort of what I do in the opening of the book, with some Chaoskampf motifs thrown in for good measure!

One more thing: proofreading. I see a consistent use of “I” when “me” would be correct. As in “He made Huck and I paint the fence.”

I don’t follow…

I read the excerpt on Amazon, and it has Adam being expelled from the Garden, followed by “Let there be light”. Was that not what you were saying?

Sorry, responding to the wrong point. You consistently use “I” when “me” is appropriate. This has a name: hypercorrectness. “I” is for subjects, and “me” is for objects. You on several occasions use “I” for an object. For example: “On that day, he tricked your mother and I into eating from the tree of knowledge…”. Should be “your mother and me”.

I didn’t even realize the excerpt was up… what I meant is I don’t follow the statement you made about grammar.

That’s more just because thats how Adam talks than it having much to do with grammar. He’s telling a story to his children, and is relaying the creation account in a very grand fashion.

I for one would expect my father to say “Your mother and I have been thinking…” when addressing me or one of my brothers instead of saying “your mother and me…”

Try this: the problem arises when there are two objects. Try removing one of them and see what would be appropriate, as in “On that day, he tricked I into eating…”. That’s obviously wrong. So should putting “your mother” back in change what’s right and wrong about the sentence?

Or I suppose Adam’s bad grammar could be a consequence of the Fall.


Sure, lets go with that

That would be correct. Again, try taking out one of the (in this case) subjects: “I have been thinking”, not “me has been thinking”. Subjects and objects are grammatical functions that call for different pronouns.


If a character is speaking, the text isn’t going to have perfect grammar. The text is going to follow the character’s style of speech

Sure, no problem. It just seems odd that Adam, the first person ever to speak the language, can’t speak it correctly.

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