"...Yes, Net Fitness Would Be Roughly Equal Across the Population..."

@dsterncardinale loves to disturb the hives of creationists and in doing so has brought us slightly over 30 minutes of entertainment and education. When defending genetic entropy, creationists say a lot of weird stuff such as the title of this thread (see the video for more context). Enjoy the show!


I don’t quite understand why it couldn’t be the case, in principle, that you could have small variations in fitness across the population, with some individuals being less fit than others, such that some lineages decline faster than others, and yet net fitness across the population could still be in net decline. It seems to me all that would ensure is that during this decline some variants drop off in frequency faster than others, essentially being outcompeted, but without net fitness for the population going up.


That is something that could happen, but then you end up at equilibrium, rather than the terminal decline required by genetic entropy.

But the CMI employee was arguing that there would be zero selectable differences within the population, that everyone would be equally affected to the degree that everyone’s relative fitness would be exactly equal, preventing selection from operating at all.


No one denies this. Did you see the video for context?

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