A Comet at about 11,000 BC

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Have not heard this theory before. Can someone summarize the salient points and the key lines of evidence?


I’m not going to touch the topic. I don’t think it has much bearing on how you write papers.

Irridium levels found in North American soil horizons Did a Comet Hit Earth 12,000 Years Ago? - Scientific American

Craters, glass sphericals and platinum levels…

Even has its own Wikki entry

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It has to do with certain markings on a pillar at Gobeckli Tepe chronicling the event in the Younger Dryas which plunged temperatures worldwide. Entails the use of written communication through symbolism much earlier than many are willing to even theorize about.

The comet event at 13,000 YA is real and pretty much proven to have happened. The effect on climate and people going forward is not well understood as nothing abruptly happening has been discovered. One error is that Gobekli Tepe is linked to an agricultural society. It wasn’t, a hunter gather society built it as DNA evidence of the area doesn’t show domestication of either plants nor animals at the time of its building. Wild animals are depicted. Plant domestication in the area is younger.

You got to laugh how AIG handles Gobekli Tepe as post flood pagans. AIG has no time available for hunter gather culture/society as Genesis is very agricultural.


In other words it fits a developing paradigm, no matter how much we might disagree on other details.



And sooooo… YECS or OLD EARTHERS dont have an ever-expanding timeline from which to pick Adam/Eve’s arrival.

It has to be sometime AFTER the birth of agriculture… sometime AFTER the dating of the Anatolian hunter/gatherer site!