A Growing Forum (Status Update)

(S. Joshua Swamidass) #32

After missing a couple months, I though I’d return with some more data. After a brief dip over the holidays (and work on my book), we are back to growing at a steady rate.

(I’m no longer notating BioLogos, because it isn’t a good comparator any more. I don’t want to provoke a false sense of competition going forward either.)

Perhaps more interesting is the dramatic jump visitors (most of them not logged in). You can see the jump in the graph here, though the line is a bit faint. Will this a short term bump, or a long term gain? We will probably know in the coming months.

Peaceful Science is the place to be. To take advantage of this growth and prepare for more:

  1. We will be reorganizing soon to improve the quality of our front page posts.
  2. We will start increasing expectations for (1) staying on topic, (2) avoiding repetitive and circular debates.
  3. We will be creating new ways to participate.

You can see what the new front page for non-logged in visitors looks like here: Peaceful Science. Soon, some categories will fall off latest, but will be accessible always here: #conversation, under the “latest” button.