A Growing Forum (Status Update)

After missing a couple months, I though I’d return with some more data. After a brief dip over the holidays (and work on my book), we are back to growing at a steady rate.

(I’m no longer notating BioLogos, because it isn’t a good comparator any more. I don’t want to provoke a false sense of competition going forward either.)

Perhaps more interesting is the dramatic jump visitors (most of them not logged in). You can see the jump in the graph here, though the line is a bit faint. Will this a short term bump, or a long term gain? We will probably know in the coming months.

Peaceful Science is the place to be. To take advantage of this growth and prepare for more:

  1. We will be reorganizing soon to improve the quality of our front page posts.
  2. We will start increasing expectations for (1) staying on topic, (2) avoiding repetitive and circular debates.
  3. We will be creating new ways to participate.

You can see what the new front page for non-logged in visitors looks like here: Peaceful Science - Exploring the grand questions together.. Soon, some categories will fall off latest, but will be accessible always here: #conversation, under the “latest” button.



I am skeptical that there is a willingness to issue the policies tyat would make such a change DO-able.


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Flag the posts and people have to act.

If anyone sees that people are not staying on topic or that the same verbiage has circled around for the second or third showing, hit “Flag Post”, choose “Something Else” and let us know what has transpired. We can’t read all posts in all threads and stay on top of what’s happening without the help of the community.

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Could you please be more specific?

When I flag the posts, AND admonish the perpetrator, I have been told repeatedly that nobody will do anything because I continued to engage in discussion with the perpetrator.

So I think we need a secret handshake too, don’t you?

Or have you folks modified the rules so that people don’t get free passes on misbehavior at every turn?

When you flag the post and use the method that I described, the message will come to the moderators and not directly to the person whose post you flagged. This is what we want done. No secret handshake is needed, because the moderators are informed directly.

Not at all appreciated.


And a good day to you!

Can anyone see the updated forum statistics? Have growth trends continued into the summer?