A Lost Mayan City

Lidar is mapping new lost cities in South America:



very interesting. lots of great youtube things on the maya.
wjile I doubt they were there in 1000BC, too early, still it shows they grew in poulation because of ability to make food in great amounts. Then a intellectual curve was created that led to notable accomplishments that , somewhjat, kept up with other places on earth.
however smarts bumped into human evil. probably it was war that destroyed them and not nature.
far away from everyone else they showed they could figure things out too and fail to figure things out. they didn’t accomplish much beyond the common in the rest of the world 300 years bC/AD and failed behind greek/Roman civilization and probably China/India.
I bet thee are great cool things yet to be found in mayan cities. this sonar thing is great.

“This theory is controversial, but it has gained some support from the Chinese archaeologist H.M. Xu. In his book ‘The Origin of the Olmec Civilization’ Xu suggests that, rather than being refugees from a desert area, the Olmecs were migrants from China. The Olmec culture flourished in Mexico from around 1200 to 400 BCE and is usually seen as the “mother culture” of all the middle American civilizations. The Olmecs built the first temples and religious centers in the region, and developed a rudimentary kind of state, in which an elite group ruled over a mass of peasant laborers. Xu argues that the Olmecs sailed to Mexico from China after the fall of the Shang Dynasty in 1122 BCE. He notes that around this time about 250,000 people disappeared, and suggests that at least some of these traveled to America. This explains the presence of what appear to be Chinese symbols in Olmec written records, and strong similarities in art, architecture, religion and astronomical knowledge.” Steve Taylor, The Fall

Thank you, Gary. Please don’t take my comments as argumentative, as you clearly will know better than I. I’m just looking to get input on these thoughts from someone who knows. I don’t often get this opportunity.

I understand the roots of Olmec culture being on the eastern side of the continent does cast some serious doubt, but my mind keeps going back to all the commonalities with Chinese culture. And in this case where the difference between the east and west coasts are only a couple of hundred miles, these commonalities are hard to dismiss.

Is there not enough cultural similarity between Indians of the Pacific north-west and dynastic Chinese culture (such as artwork, clothing, drums and diet) and linguistic similarities to think there’s maybe something to this?

Its BC not BCE. anyways its beyond unreasonable for a claim of Chinese origin for Indian civilizations in the new world.
Likeness in minor details amongst men is clearly from like motives. no need to invoke foreigners contributions.
there is no evidence of oriental languages .
its really saying they can’t imagine a independent people just figuring out how to do , marginaly, smarter things. they used to say space invaders built the mayan temples.
this XU is just far from credible or interesting in what he says by way of your report.
The simple obvious answer before the impossible one.
This would of helped stop evolutionism back in the day too.