A Muslim Book Review of The Genealogical Adam & Eve by S. Joshua Swamidass | Dr. Shabir Ally

Will this is quite interesting. What do you make of it?


From one point of view Islam is a sect of Unitarian Christianity in that Muslims accept Jesus as a prophet and messenger as well as the Word of God as well as being endowed with the power of the Holy Spirit.

As far as Dr Shabir Ali is concerned he seems to be one of the most rational open minded progressive and moderate Muslim thinkers of the West.

I believe he has mentioned Dr. Stephen Meyer with the Discovery Science foundation as well so he is very attuned to the developments in creation theory as well as Christian Science

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Sometimes I feel sorry for the DI. They try so hard to pretend that ID is not creationism.


Maybe they should include large stickers on all Meyer’s books saying “Warning: Intelligent Design is not Creationism”. That might help get the message out. :smiley:

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How is intelligent design not indicative of a creator or at least an intelligent designer?


It is, but the DI, including Stephen Meyer, as well as many other Intelligent Design proponents, refuses to admit that ID is Creationism.


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I’m a mystic logician and a theist.

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I’m a number cruncher in Wisconsin, but originally from on of the big square states.

Not at all and that’s why I love it. I’m not into material things nor materialistic explanations that make no logical sense. Empiricism is great but just because it’s something can’t be quantified doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a quality. Oftentimes those things that you have a quality but not a quantity are much more real than anything that can be measured or Quantified.

I think I understand what you mean. I refer to it as “value” rather than quantity or quality. For example, a person may place value on a concept (courage, loyalty, God?) which has no physical quantity or quality. People will have varying degrees of value for the same concepts (ignoring the possibility of different concepts with the same name! :slight_smile: ) I think in this context quality seems to be the same thing as value. Is that a fair description?

I would say it sounds pretty fair but my point is that some things have a quantitative nature it means that they can be measured therefore they’re empirical and other things have a qualitive nature which means they cannot be measured but they are subjective experiences or viewpoints or values as you states