Quranic Perpectives on Adam and Eve

Question from email:

Why dont you put story of Adam on Quranic perspectives into science research?

I’m not an expert on Muslim thought, but as I understand it:

  1. Many moderate branches of Islam accommodate evolution without much debate. I don’t think there is, for example, a universal descent doctrine in Islam.

  2. Fundamentalist Islam takes essentially a non-negotiable anti-evolution YEC point of view, with the modifications that (1) Adam and Eve were initially heavenly beings and (2) no concern about a global flood.

  3. There isn’t much dialogue to reference in either #1 or #2 between theology and science, and Adam isn’t really the flash point.

I certainly invite correction on these points, and I want to learn more. However, with this in mind, it isn’t clear how a Quranic perspective needs much engagement on Adam and Eve, except to explain (perhaps) the precise evidence for common descent.

I do a lot of Veritas Forums. It is common that a muslim student will come up to me to discuss all the “scientific prophecies” in Islamic Scripture. You can see what I mean here:

The fact is that the Holy Quran abounds with facts which were impossible to know 1400 years without the aid of a microscope or telescope.

There are a range of these prophecies, that all posthoc interpret the Quran to recapitulate scientific discoveries. In these conversations, I usually ask the student:

So where does the Quran predict evolution, that we share common ancestry with the great apes?

This immediately shifts the conversation. It is pretty remarkable to watch. Immediately it becomes clear that this brand of Islam is selective about how it engages with science, and is totally opposed to evolution. From there I explain the evidence for common descent (if I had not already in the presentation), and see what happens.

Often in these conversations, I have Christian YEC onlookers in tow, and their heads are spinning at this point. They just heard a talk explaining that Christianity can accommodate evolutionary science, that it is no threat. Now they have an Islamic friend of theirs insisting that Islam is not compatible with evolutionary science, and they don’t agree with his arguments. This certainly makes everyone rethink their presuppositions.

All this is to say that I’m happy to engage with Quranic perspectives on Adam and Eve, but I need to know more about what those perspectives are, and what the rules are too. It is likely some of the work we’ve done engaging Christians will help them too, but we can’t tune it for them without more information.


Co-authorship (or other) collaboration on a book AND a selected part of it on human evolution with scientific, linguistic, historical and religious (mainly Islamic) perspectives.

Dear Interested Author

I hope this finds you well.

I am writing to you enthusiastically as I hope you are interested in participating in the publishing of an original interdisciplinary book and a selected part of it on the fascinating story of Adam and Eve:

I have written more than 400 pages in English with the original Arabic citations on evolution with scientific and religious (mainly Islamic) perspectives. The presented manuscript is different from what was already published and introduces for a new theory. A considerable part of these pages is in the form of hundreds of Koranic Verses in English and Arabic and their interpretations, citations and quotations, readings, scriptures, …etc.

This manuscript can be the fresh and rich raw material for a whole book and/or selected papers. I will be honored if you are willing to collaborate on this material. Otherwise, I will be grateful for indicating a serious colleague or a student (preferably native or excellent in English) who could be interested!

My work is based on hundreds of references (many of which are entire books) and thousands of working hours !

This manuscript is original and is expected to impact millions of people in many countries and cultures notably those that are still hostile to the theory of evolution.

To have an overlook, I attached the “Contents”.

I think, however, that it is preferable for my work to be reviewed, edited and “polished” with COMPUTATIONAL additions for publication on a co-authorship basis!

hope this will be the first successful collaboration project as I have similar projects! For example, extraction (from Koranic scripts) of a simple and validated mathematical formula for conversion between Gregorian and lunar calendars!

Once you, hopefully, agree to collaborate, my institution (AAUP) will be formally informed.

Waiting to hear from you…


A New Vision of Adam, Theory of a Gradually-Created Homo sapiens (Scientific and Religious Mainly Islamic-Based Evidence)


The matter of the appearance of Adam is discussed in an exciting and original work still surrounded by suspicions and prejudices!

Among others, the following items are put in a coherent and original model reconciling Darwinism with religions and supported by scientific as well as scriptural pieces of evidence:

  • Homo sapiens dates back to at least 195,000 years ago.

  • Adam according to religious scripts in Judaism, Christianity and Islam appeared just a few thousands of years ago.

  • MRCA (Most Recent Common Ancestor) of humanity lived also a few thousands of years ago in the light of recent scientific evidence.

  • The chemical composition of human beings does not support a direct fashioning from the soil.

The presented model of evolutionary creation of life represents a fresh and exciting understanding of life in a coherent context reconciling science with history and religion in general.



Chapter I:


Understanding of Scripts and Science.

Compatibility of Islam and Science.


Role of Religion in Science.

Truth, Regardless of Pre-acquired Ideas.

No Absolute Approval of Darwin Particularly When Contradicted with Sense, Science, or Authentic Scripts.

No Relevant Script or Scientific Evidence are Neglected!

The Absolute Scripts.

How can we approximate the age of a fossil?

How can we approximate the evolutionary time?

Chapter II:

Nature, “Coincidence and Chance” Are Unable to Compose Life:

Coincidence, Chance and Faith.

Trials to Mimic the Appearance of Molecules of Life.

The complexity of Life and the Materialistic Vicious Circle.

Neither Eukaryotic Nor Prokaryotic DNA Could Have Been Synthesized Coincidently.

Chapter III:

Chronological Parameters in Science vs. Scripts:

Chronology of Appearance of Adam in Science and Religion.

Sirat Ibn Hisham.

The 195,000-years-Fossil of Homo sapiens.

Ten centuries Between Adam and Noah and Ten Centuries between Noah and Abraham.

Chronology of Appearance of Adam and the Most Common Recent Ancestor (MRCA).

Qualitative Creation.

Chapter IV:

The Theory of Evolution and its Mechanisms:

Theory of Evolution.

Evolution, Microevolution and “Modern Synthesis” or “Neo-Darwinism.

Speciation “Mystery of Mysteries”

Evolution Forces.

Can Mutations Be Beneficial?

Modern Synthesis, Lamarck and Inheritance of Acquired Traits.

Muslims’ Societal and Intellectual Attitudes vis-à-vis Evolution.

Chapter V:

Darwinian and Pre-Darwinian Evolution.

Chapter VI:

The Inevitable Creation in Science and Religion.

Chapter VII:

Evolution, Faith, Ethics, Society and Islamic Thinkers:

Mechanisms and Faith.

Beautiful and Wonderful Names of God

Creation, Evolution, and Miracles.

The attitude of Contemporary Islamic Scholars vis-à-vis Evolution and Darwin.

Darwin’s Belief or Disbelief, Ethics and Politics: Fluctuations and Relevance to “Theory of Evolution”.

Evolution, Racism, and Islam.

Evolution, Fascism, Communism and Colonialism.

Evolution: Principle and Practice.

Chapter VIII:

Evolution, a Creational Editing Innovative Mechanism.

Chapter IX:

Homology and Inferences:

Common material Origin in Science and Religion.

Five Possibilities Explaining Similarity.

Structural Homology.


Chapter X:

Successive Creational Stages:

The succession of Life Forms and Fossil Record.

The dilemma of Lack of Transitional Forms.

An Islamic View of the Dilemma of lack of Transitional Forms.

Hominins (Hominids).

Chapter XI:

The Recently-Discovered Ardipithecus ramidus , Ardi (Truths and Illusions):

Ardipithecus ramidus , Ardi, The Newly Discovered Hominin.

Where Can Adam be Situated in Hominins?

Comparative Interpretations and an Intra Qur’an Comparative Study of Al-Sajda, Verses 5-9.

Long or Short-Term Creation.

Originality and Controversy of Sayyed Qutob.

More Traditional Interpretations of Al-Sajda, Verses 4-9.

Hominins (Hominids) and Misconceptions.

Successive Creation of The Universe as a Whole, Including Humans.

Chapter XII:

Development or Evolution in the Scripts?

Creational Spirit Accorded to Adam vs. Developmental Spirit Accorded to fetuses.

Authentic Hadiths Describing Fetal Phases.

The terms ثُمّ )then with relaxation( and فَ )then with immediate succession(.

Spirit of Adam and Spirit of Jesus.

E’jaz (Scientific Miracle) in Fetal Development.

Chapter XIII:

Are the Classical Six Days of Creation that Simple?

Chapter XIV:

Creation and Honoring of Humans:

The soil in the Creation of Adam in the Qur’an.

The soil in the Creation of Adam in Hadith.

Elemental Composition of Human Body.

Chemical Composition of Soil.

Contrasting Chemical Composition of Soil with Man.

Variation of Soil in the Creation of Adam in Hadith.

Variant Soils in the Creation of Human and Skin Color.

Evolution of Skin Color.

Sticky Soil (Clay) in the Creation of Adam.

Soil is the Beginning and the End, However.

Soil, Adam and the Linguistics of the Name.

Arsenic (As) Instead of Phosphorus §.

Honoring of Humans.

Image of Adam.

Chapter XV:


God taught Adam the Names of Everything.

Language is an Honor.

Subtlety in the Languages of Adam and His Sons. Origin of and Evolution of Language.

The evolution of spoken human language.

Genetics of Language.

Great Apes Communication.

Larynx and Language.

Hyoid Bone and Hypoglossal Nerve.

The First to Talk.

Chapter XVI:

Were Adam and Eve in Heaven or in a Terrestrial Garden?

Arguments in Favor of Heaven as an Initial Habitat of Adam and Eve:

“Going Down”.

Description of Habitat.

Amplitude and Impact of Expulsion.

Confession of Adam the Day of Resurrection!

Becoming Naked After Disobeying.

Arguments in Favor of the Terrestrial Initial Habitat of Adam and Eve:

Stewardship on Earth.

Creation From Soil.

Intraterrestrial “Going Down”!

Garden(s) or Janna(t) are Not Necessarily Heaven(s).

Was Heaven Ever Seen?

Eternity in Heaven!

No Orders in Heaven.

No Sin Nor Frivolity in Heaven.

The Dilemma.

A Third New Hypothesis!

Chapter XVII:

The Angels Vision of Creation:

Mischief and Shedding of Blood.

An interesting possibility.

Angels Were Right!

Different Interpretations of “Mischief and Shedding of Blood”.

Chapter XVIII:

The Enigma of Adam’s Height.

Chapter XIX:

Eve, Enigmas of Origin and Sexual Reproduction:

Dependant Appearance of Adam and Eve.

Independent Appearance of Adam and Eve.

Chapter XX:

The Deluge and the Ark of Noah

Importance of the Deluge

What Did Noah take on Board?

Was the Deluge Global?

Did Other Nation Co-exist with Noah’s Nation?

Chapter XXI:

Scripts Mistakenly Considered As Evolutionary!

Chapter XXII:

Applications of the Theory of Evolution.

Chapter XXIII:

Status of Animalia:

Animals and Humans!

Animalia are Nations Like Yourselves!

Extra-Materialistic Behavior in Animals!

Chapter XXIV:

Stewardship of Humans on Earth.

Chapter XXV:

Conclusions and Perspectives.



Maybe start by telling us a bit how about Islam sees Adam and Eve.