A Waste of 1000 Research Papers

Keller worries that these problems will be used as ammunition to distrust science as a whole. “People ask, Well, if scientists are publishing crap, why should we believe global warming and evolution? ” he says. “But there’s a real difference: Some people were skeptical about candidate genes even back in the 1990s. There was never unanimity or consensus in the way there is for human-made global warming and the theory of evolution.”


Good thread. indeed a thousand papers demonstrates fale presumptions EASILY being accepted by heaps of other “scientists”. Evolutionism and global warming are modern examples. however all subjects probably have this especially in subjects that never would get a thousand papers.
This is good sampling of what must exist or be common. I find it in all origin subjects.
I would add they easily imagine depression is a physical thing of the brain.
I agree its not of the soul but I say its only a minor case in a spectrum of memory problems.
Depression is just another phobia in its atomic structure.
Its a triggering problem in the memory.
Mostly triggered by conclusions from problems in life. A minority is just the triggering mechanism without problems. I am confident it can be healed/managed better then it is now. Which is not too bad but not good enough.

Yup. I started in genetics in 1999, and the first paper I contributed to was a candidate gene study of type 2 diabetes (a replication study, in fact). The first sentence of the abstract reads, “Genetic association studies are viewed as problematic and plagued by irreproducibility.”


The reason we know that the previous research is wrong is due to further research. Ironically, those who may attack science as being wrong will be citing scientific studies themselves.

As @glipsnort mentions, genetic association studies by themselves are wrought with problems, especially with small sample sizes. This is where mechanistic studies are most important. Lacking either large sample sizes or an understanding of the molecular biology one should never trust these conclusions. At best, initial gene association studies are a decent way of finding candidate genes for further study.


Consider the literature before H. pylori was identified as a major causal agent in ulcers… And then compare the number of people who died from severe gastric bleeding as late as the 1970s versus today.

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