Adam, Eve, and Evolution: Lents and Swamidass, November 18th, Colombia University

Veritas Forum

The Origin of Humanity: Adam, Eve, and Evolution

Date and Time: 11/18/2019, 8pm - 10pm
Location: Columbia University, Roone Arledge Auditorium, Lerner Hall

@NLENTS and I are doing our first public event together. If you can get to New York, come join the fun. There is a good chance, also, that early copies of the GAE will be available for purchase. If you can come, maybe we’ll all get a drink in a Peaceful Science afterparty.


I am planning to attend. I am looking forward to meeting you both in person.


I’m going to try to attend this as well. Is there an official flyer of any kinda that I can disseminate among colleagues?


No flyer yet, but I will let you know if we get one. For now, you can point them to this link. Looking forward to seeing you two also!


Students decided to change the topic of the event. We will be diving headlong into questions of human origins now. Should be really fun!

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See the flyer above!

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Hope to see everyone who is coming tomorrow night! This should be fun :slight_smile: .

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Video for this is now up!