ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE: Countless solar disks appear as crescents on the pavement

A crepe myrtle tree serves as hundreds of pinhole cameras to record today’s annular solar eclipse as a projection on the roadway pavement. I’m about a hundred miles from the path of “true annularity maximum” but it was impressive nonetheless.


The clouds are pretty heavy here today, so not much to see.

I’ve actually seen two annular eclipses in the past. So I have seen the effects of pinhole cameras formed by leaves. It’s impressive.

I have never experienced a total eclipse.

Cool picture! I’ve seen this a few times from similar eclipses. I was fortunate to see an annular one when living in San Diego. That one occurred there near sunset, near the horizon over the ocean. It was very weird.

Here are some similar photos I took at the 2017 eclipse.


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