Baryon Acoustic Oscillations and Big Bang Cosmology

@stcordova did you know that this precisely how BAO validates big bang Cosmology? It is the same reasoning pattern!

I’m aware of the claim.

A bit off topic, but perhaps something that @stcordova might be interested regarding the BAO is that it is:

  1. detected after its prediction, i.e. not a postdiction
  2. present in both the CMB and galaxy data (and not only that, the CMB and galaxy data agrees with each other), so even if @stcordova does not believe in the CMB, the BAO persists
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One thing about Einsteinian General Relativity is that it made about 11-12 predictions. The early confirmation was for only 1 prediction (gravitation lensing), but then there were other predictions that were confirmed.

Off the top of my head:

Pound-Rebka 1959

Shapiro Delay, 1964

The only rival then to Einsteinian General relativity might be some sort of neo-Lorentzian relativity (which makes many of the same predictions). As I’ve mentioned before Ron Hatch on the advisory council is not an Einsteinian but a neo-Lorentzian.

Correct, but do note that the Hatch Filter that bears his name is a signal processing algorithm, i.e. has nothing to do with relativity, so the fact that it is used in GPS is not a slight against Einstein’s general relativity.


@PdotdQ correct me if I am wrong. Another validation is the inference of dark matter in stellar rotation speeds. The BAO includes dark matter as a fit parameter, and it is fit to a non zero number, predicting substantial amounts of dark matter in the universe, aligned with the inference of dark matter from a totally different line of evidence.

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Yes, the BAO constitute another evidence for dark matter. What it is sensitive to is actually not the amount of dark matter itself, but the amount of matter density in the universe. It turns out that the matter density measured by the BAO is far too large to be accounted by just the baryons, thus lending further credence to the theory of dark matter.

This is a big problem for non-dark matter theories, such as MOND. As far as I know, as of yet no MONDian theories can get the BAO correctly.