Behe vs Swamidass: Why?

Great set of questions from @J_Mac.

According to Joshua Swamidass Michael Behe and him have a lot in common… Swamidass has even publicly defended Behe on his blog by demanding a fair hearing.

Not only that, Swamidass agrees with Behe on many evolutionary/ID issues, such as guided evolution…

So, why would Behe and Swamidass square off at Texas A & M University in 2020?
What are they going to discuss? Not the polar bear evolution/devolution fiasco, right?

What do you think?

Great questions. I am curious how many people can infer the overall theme of the event, and what I might be contributing to the conversation.

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Little confused there though @J_Mac. I gave him a fair hearing. I did not demand it (from whom?). I think your heart is in the right place on this one though.