Behe and Swamidass: Texas A&M on Feb 20, 2020

Swamidass and Behe discuss Design, God and Evolution.


Any other news on this?? Noting that the date is 02202020… :slight_smile:

Any information on the format of your presentations?


So the format has now been agreed to, and I’m pleased with it. I will be sharing when I have a moment.


Is this really going to be at Texas A&M? It is within fairly easy driving distance from Houston and I would love to be there!

Sorry, got a little overly-excited and just now read the thread title :stuck_out_tongue: Definitely seems to be at Texas A&M!


It looks as though attendance will require registration through Eventbrite.

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@Art Kentucky vs TAMU is February 25th in College Station… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Much as I’d like, I can’t take a week to visit College Station in Feb. Not that I haven’t given it a lot of thought.


Is this going to be streamed/recorded?

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Recorded and put online eventually. It will be months. Maybe @cwhenderson can livestream it from his phone :slight_smile:

@cwhenderson and I plan to get together for an early dinner before the event. PS participants interested in joining us should message us soon as we work out the location. (I have in mind some quiet buffet locations near the Texas A&M campus. As a stereotypical old guy on the cheap, I know where one can find the Early Bird specials.)

I’ve promoted the event locally via GroupMe and church handouts, and will be curious to see how many choose to attend. I’m leading a post-event informal discussion the following evening at a local church in the adjoining city of Bryan.


I should mention that even though the event is free, there will probably be a fee for parking. (I don’t think the parking is ever free at that location.) The free Eventbrite registration gets you a printable sheet with a barcode as your admission ticket. However, my guess is that anybody will be able to walk into Rudder Theater for the event, even without a ticket.

Ha! I can probably manage some still shots, but I’m afraid I don’t have the tech or the know-how to live stream it :slight_smile:

And now the video is up!

Hi Joshua,

Is this the link to the video?


Yes, as I modified the OP to embed.