Can't Scroll with Scroll Bar?

@glipsnort and one other person has reported this problem:

Has anyone already pointed out that the scrollbar cannot be used on your forum and we can only scroll using the mouse scroll?

Who else is having this problem? Did any one have the problem and then fix it? I’m reaching out to support to see if they can help, and any information you can provide would be helpful. For example, what machines/browsers are you have trouble on? When did the problem arise.

On our end its puzzling, because there have been no changes to our theme in quite a while.

Thank you Dr. Swamidass for following-up with this question of mine.

I wish to clarify that I always noticed this for many months already (I think! Unless I have a false memory!), but I just chose to report it now because I started to find it irritating to scroll the forum page up and down only using the mouse scroll and not being able to use the sidebar scroll on the right side of the forum pages.

I tried this on Firefox, Chrome, and the latest version of Microsoft Edge (because I just installed this Windows 10 Pro recently on my new laptop weeks ago).

Thank you.

The scroll bar works for me on firefox, but not on chrome.

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Hmm. I suppose I can’t scroll using that scroll bar either on Chrome! I use the touchpad to scroll, so I did not notice it. Do any of these changes fix it for you @BrianLopez, @glipsnort , and @davecarlson? If so, which one?

Updating Chrome (which requires a restart) one problem for me. If i scroll with the track pad now, the scroll bar appears and I can now use it. However, I can’t use see scroll bar without scrolling with track pad first…

How is it in Safari?

Don’t forget that for long topics you have this scroll bar too:

I will also add that:

  1. This happens to me before I changed my laptop and now after changing my laptop getting a new Windows 10 Pro installation with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge freshly installed.
  2. This does not happen on the Peaceful Science website (
  3. This happens to me only on this forum.
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My scrollbar has spontaneously started working for chrome, but not for safari or firefox.

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I have been using the scroll bar, with firefox. It is somewhat tedious, but it does work. I move the slider all the way to the top, but then find it has only moved me up a tiny part of the way.

Okay, I just looked at “How to Fix Scoll Bar…”

My Google is up-to-date already:

Google Chrome is up to date
Version 91.0.4472.77 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I tried an Incognito window in Chrome and same problem.
I tried an Incognito window in Firefox and same problem, too.
I also just tried clicking on the sidebar arrows up and down (instead of the scrollbar) and nothing happens either.

Only the mouse scroll works in my 3 browsers…

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I’ve been experiencing this for many months, I’ve been meaning to report it for a while but assumed I was the only one experiencing it.

I’m convinced it has something to do with the popup asking you to subscribe to the mailing list. I’ve noticed that when I have this problem, I usually have to manually scroll to the bottom of the thread (even if I’ve clicked a link from my notifications that should take me directly to a comment at the bottom of the thread). This often makes the mailing list popup appear (otherwise it doesn’t) and when I close that, the thread generally works normally again, including the scroll bar.

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I’ve made two tweaks.

  1. I disabled the mailing list subscribe.

  2. I changed the css on the background overlay.

Is the problem still there? Don’t forget to reload before checking.

The scroll bar is now working for me on chrome.

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Everything is smooth for me now on Safari. Now when I click on this thread it actually takes me to the new comments like it’s supposed to, that’s a refreshing change.

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Thank you both for reporting the issue, and for being patient in not reporting it :slight_smile: .

Ah! Thank you Joshua!

Now it’s all working fine for me as well. I see the change in the appearance of the sidebar scroll!

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