Superscripts and other fun formatting on the forum

Incidentally, is there a way of producing superscripts here?

You can use latex formatting.


Accomplished with #n^{superscript}# , but replace the # with $.

<sup></sup> & <sub></sub> do it:



Let’s try: 10^{74}. Ooh, cool. Thanks.

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Interesting: that worked in preview and for a little while when it posted, but now it doesn’t?

Let’s try that: 1074. Yep, that works too. And it doesn’t for some reason change to a serif font.

Mine changed too, not sure why yet …

And now it 's back after I reloaded the page. Huh?

For me, neither one comes back.

Discus: it’s software of the Devil!

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Testing: Alephnull.

Well, this is just weird.

I am using “firefox” with “noscript”. I do allow scripting from “” and from “”.

The superscript looks good to me. So I reloaded the page, and it still looks good.

I then disabled “noscript” for the page. And with “noscript” disabled, the superscripts do not work at all. And reloading the page does not help. Going back to my normal “noscript” defaults gets it working again.

When I look at what “noscript” is doing, the only scripting it seems to be blocking is from “”, from “” and from “”.

I then tried with a different “firefox” profile, where “noscript” is not installed at all (and I am not logged into the forum). And there, the superscripting also works fine.

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