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This is funny. . Coyne’s blog is CREATIONIST -free of comments by the way or pretty close. I know some .name calling? I always find the evolutionist name call more and this article proves it.
ID is making a great intellectual revolution and indeed these issues should be intellectually based.
No not from lower level Judges like Judges jones and friends. What do they know?
Its very unlikely, atnthis stage, on a probability curve, that ID will not prevail. think about it. when did a famous interference in a science subject everv fail. It always becomes the new paradigm to use dumb words that are popular.
iD has, almost, already won. or to use historical analagy THEY are like WASHINGTON, that while not winning mere battles, maintain the army in the field and by attrition wear down the opposition.
By this time, after so many words and attention, ID should of failed in its main points.
instead it gains in its main points. the other side fails to make its case for chance to create everything great or good.
If god did create complexity in the universe then this evidence would prevail against a denial of it.
Attrition of truth is , if I may steal a idea, bringing selection on evidence and ideas about these conclusions.
…The head start of the ID DENEIRS ,numbers and wealth, and resources, government censorship, and EVEN COURT CASES/lLAWYERS has not affected the ID army in the field. Doing fine this year.
ID with, maybe us YEC as the French are headed toward Yorktown.

In the 20 years since the Wedge Document, there has been no such intellectual revolution of anything from ID or DI. While the benefits of evolutionary science to mankind continue to come at an impressive pace.


or Waterloo. :sunglasses:


Good one, LOL!


There are no benefits but thats another issue. The wedge document is not the essence of ID or anything by the way.
The intellectual revolution started with ID and decades since is irrelevant. The change in conclusions is ongoing as in all scientific revolutions.
Folks here are here because they are aware its ongoing.

Can you name a single scientist funded by a multi-year research grant who is doing research looking for positive evidence for intelligent design? If not, there is no revolution. All you have is a PR firm.


who gets paid has nothing to do with the scientific investigation of origins based on ID. including oposition to ID. Its like your saying no scientists are fighting ID. They are everywhere as they smell a threat.
These subjects are not open to money as such. they are complicated and are conducted as they are.
the basics of ID are not many. they just are kioler good points.Also they bump into debunking evolutionism but that ends up dealing with hundreds of points.

It has everything to do with it. You need money to do science, and if ID proponents don’t have research money that means they aren’t doing science. Sitting in an office chair and arguing against evolution in online blogs and forums is not science, and it certainly isn’t positive evidence for ID.

Better yet, what experiments would ID proponents perform that could produce positive evidence for Intelligent Design? Can you even describe the science they would do if they had the research money?

There is no theory in science that is supported solely by the falsification of a competing theory. That’s not how science works. ID has to explain the evidence on its own, such as the nested hierarchy.


Scientists are definitely not threatened by ID. We are annoyed by it, yes, and we are concerned that it sows confusion and error, but threatened? Hardly. It’s like if I spot some birds roosting in my attic. I’m not threatened by them. I don’t think they could eventually take over my house and push me from it. But they could do some damage and make things harder for me later on, so I snap into action and push back against their infestation. Just because a small number of scientists “take one for the team” and spend some of our precious time pushing back against ID doesn’t mean that we are threatened by it. I just means that we care about the truth and we don’t want to see the general public being misled by pseudoscience because, down the line, it makes our job harder when we need people to understand scientific principles in order to make good public policy choices.


Producing ID rhetoric is lucrative given the small amount of work involved.

Have you seen the Discovery Institute’s IRS Form 990?

But they could spend some of that salary money on doing science…

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Indeed. There are quite a few research groups that would love to have $5 million a year in grant money. Most don’t get over $1 million a year. For 500k I’m sure I could set them up with all the standard equipment needed for a solid molecular biology lab. They have the money to do it, so why aren’t they?


Isn’t that what the biologic institute is?

The Biologic Institute’s last published article was put on their web page in Jan. 2018. That leading light of science publications BIO-Complexity has yet to publish anything in 2019.

It’s hard to keep up with the copious amount of scientific work ID is churning out. :slightly_smiling_face:


Everything you said is accurately defined as FEELING THREATENED.
Your most wrong. you only speak for yourself.
I insist , in Canada here, America, the united Kingdom, that ID is the degree-on-the-wall scientific investigation that aggressively to large audiences, relative to science issues, has become a famous threatening conclusion that taps into the historic previous popular conclusion of God CLEARLY having created everything. Its not about Genesis and YEC. yet its so punchy it bumps us too.
It shows there was, can i say conspiracy, of forceful peoples in academia to use origin science to directly attack presumptions about God as creator in nature and directly attack Christian ,especially protestant, ideas about Genesis
Then they over reacted to very small circles. like it hit a nerve.
the gains from ID have been out of proportion to what they should of been.
POSSIBLY some might say they had greater ambitions to loudly push SCIENCE as making God unlikely or irrelevant and not just non evidenced. This also why they overreacted and made the ID thinkers famous seemly too fast.
I am confident bad guys evolutionism and God denials see ID as a permanent threat for the foreseeable future.
i am confident its worse then that.

Some of these are sentences.


@Robert_Byers1 Are you okay? you’re taking your meds, right? I am getting a little concerned as your usual delusional ramblings are getting more rambling, more jumbled and even less understandable. Perhaps it is time for a check-up or perhaps a neurological assessment. There has been a lot of advancements in medical science and there may be help available for you. My human compassion and empathy goes out to you. Let me know how I can help you. And I am sure that @swamidass, an MD, is willing to help you also. At PS we want to help everyone have long, meaningful and purposeful lives.

That’s a really good question. I went to their Research page at their website and started looking at some of their references. It’s a bit . . . odd.

The first thing you notice is the near absence of any papers based on bench work. I’m not saying that all biological research needs to be done in a wet lab setting (respect goes out to @swamidass research), but you would think they would need at least some practical experiments. They also list research that was done by Finnish researchers in Finland. I checked one of their papers and they aren’t funded by the Biologic Institute. So why are they listing it on their research page?


Its almost offensive but no one flagged it so I guess not. I don’t care.Flagging is wrong.
I wrote ggod stuff. maybe its just the side that is being pushed about that is feeling the stress.
Time will tell about who prevails. I think the good guys are doing fine INDEED.

The good guys?

They have no confidence or faith in what they are selling. For me, the more excited I am about a hypothesis, the more eager I am to put it to the test.